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In Ancient Kemet, (Egypt) above the entrance of each temple and lodge serving as an academic and scientific learning center, appeared the phrase: "Know Thyself"

Knowledge of self has always been the root of a complete and thorough education in the ancient Kemetic education or ‘Initiation System’ (called the Mystery System by western historians). 


The word education comes for the Latin term, Educo / Educare (pronounced ee-do-sa-ray) meaning to lead forth, to bring out, and to rear up out of.  Thus, the true source of knowledge and education begins deep inside each person. Education is literally supposed to bring out the best in everyone. A good Education must recognize the students’ talents and interests and empowers them to excel at their strengths, while identifying and improving any weaknesses. The foundation of a proper education is Knowledge of Self. We need only exercise honest personal analysis and correct shortcomings that may interfere with our purposes or goals.


Our ancestors from Kemet carefully handled educating new students called initiates. Before our Kemetic ancestors would permit the new initiates to even enter the sacred education process, the new students were first required to purge themselves of physical, spiritual and mental toxins. In preparation for an ancient education, the initiate had to undergo a cleansing. This included fasting, meditation and supplication to humble the inner spirit and harness the human passions.


Once one gains a full understanding and acceptance of personal tendencies, motivations, positives and negatives, the journey can begin toward applying the Knowledge of Self. This will empower us to activate our inherent gifts from the Creator and cultivate the wisdom that is gained from life's experiences.



Welcome to the Know Thyself Learning Center. Our goal is to make the information educational and entertaining.

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