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Ahmose I

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Ahmose I, Nwst (Pharaoh) of Kemet who reigned from 1539–14 BCE, and founder of the 18th dynasty. He completed the expulsion of the Hyksos (Asiatic invaders of Kemet), Restore Kemet's hegemony over Assyria, and reabsorbed their Nubian neighbors back within the Kemetic Kingdom.

This slightly over-lifesize head represents Ahmose I wearing the white crown, a symbol of upper Egypt. The face is broad and relatively flat, with a taut, smiling mouth. These features seem to be influenced by representations of Mentuhotep II whose statues still would have been prominent at Thebes in Ahmose's time, and it is no wonder that Ahmose chose to emulate his illustrious predecessor. The large, slanting, prominent eyes, however, convey an intensity that seems to herald the energetic Thutmoside style of Dynasty 18.



Title: Head of Ahmose I

Period: New Kingdom

Dynasty: Dynasty 18, early

Reign: reign of Ahmose I

Date: ca. 1550–1525 B.C.

Geography: From Egypt

Medium: Limestone

Dimensions: H. 56 cm (22 1/16 in); d. 36.2 cm (14 1/4 in.)

Credit Line: Nanette R. Kelekian, in memory of Beatrice and Charles Dikran Kelekian, 2006

Accession Number: 2006.270

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