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"The kingdom of heaven is within you;
and whoever shall know himself
shall find it."

~ Book of Life, Ru Pert Em Heru

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About Us

Knowledge of Self is Omnipotent


Know Thyself Institute is an open source learning center with a variety of resources. Our Virtual Museum displays a host of exhibits and artifacts that showcase the brilliance, beauty, and ingenuity of Hapi (Nile) Valley culture. Our Digital Library is a treasure drove of  information pertaining to Hapi Valley civilization.

Our mission is to reconstruct history from an African perspective, putting the African Intelligentsia center stage. Our aim is to establish the role of Africa within the global narrative and to reclaim our cultural legacy. These goals will be achieved through educational courses, lectures, and visuals that are accessible to all that have a thirst for knowledge.


Our Purpose

Knowledge of self is critical for all and empowers those who possess it. It illustrates the journey of one's ancestors and puts cultural identity into proper historical context. Within the last 50 years, there have been a host of academics that are challenging the status quo and correcting the historical record. The truth has slowly begun to emerge and the ancient African origins of civilization is now being uncovered.


Our purpose is to illuminate the minds of our people by creating a space for learning and scholarship for all, but particularly people of the African Diaspora. Our history has been pillaged, plundered, and plagiarized and we intend to gather the pieces of the puzzle and restore our historical memory.

Message: Know Thyself Institute welcomes all that are pure of heart and intention. We recognize the love of humanity in all cultures and creeds. 

"I have not cursed anyone in thought, word or deeds."

~ 36th Principal of Ma'at

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