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Amenhotep III: Wall Painting

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Father of the famed “heretic Pharaoh,” Akhenaten, and grandfather to the famous King Tut, Amenhotep III was one Egypt’s greatest pharaohs and the most successful of the 18th Dynasty. During his reign, Egypt enjoyed wealth, peace and stability. There were several exquisite building projects and monuments he commissioned as well as the first man-made lake outside his palace in Malkata for his wife, the Great Queen Tiye. During his reign, Egypt had exceptional influence in foreign policy and diplomacy, which he handled along with his wife, Queen Tiye. Proof of this lies in the renowned Amarna letters coming from Assyria, Babylon, Mittani and Hatti. When Amenhotep III died, he left behind a country that was at the very height of its power and influence, commanding immense respect in the international world.

Date of creation/manufacture: Amenhotep III (-1391 - -1353)

Provenance: KV 22 tomb of Amenhotep III (Valley of the Kings->West Valley)


Inventory number Main number: N 521 A Other inventory number: LP 2114 Collection Louvre Museum, Department of Egyptian Antiquities



Object name/Title Name: wall painting (fragment)

Description/Features Decoration: king (head, short curly wig, uraeus, false straight

beard, usekh necklace) Condition of the work: head



Dimensions Height: 25.5cm; Width: 25cm

Materials and techniques Colour: grey-red-black-blue



Dated Amenhotep III (-1391 - -1353)

Origin KV 22 Tomb of Amenhotep III (Valley of the Kings->West



HISTORY Collector / Previous owner / The Host, Nestor

Commissioner / Archaeologist /

Dedicatee Acquiring details purchase

Acquisition date date of entry in the inventory: 1842

Owned by state



Current location Sully, [AE] Room 637 - The New Empire - From the

reconquest to Amenophis III, Showcase 9



Description/Features body part - character - head - king - man - jewel - fake straight

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