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"Osiris and of Isis with the baby Horus"

Museum: Hermitage Museum

City: Saint Petersburg

Country: Russia

Location: 38 Palace Embankment, Dvortsovy Municipal Okrug, Saint Petersburg

These statutes of Osiris and Isis with her baby Horus represent the Osiris myth from ancient Egyptian mythology. It tells the story of the murder of the god Osiris by his brother Seth, who usurps his throne.

Meanwhile, Osiris’s wife Isis restores her husband’s body, allowing him to conceive their son, Horus, posthumously. Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris, eventually becomes Seth’s rival for the throne.

Their violent conflict ends with Horus’s triumph, which restores Maat, the cosmic and social order to Egypt completes the process of Osiris’s resurrection.


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