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Amenhotep III in the Blue Crown

Father of the famed “heretic Pharaoh,” Akhenaten, and grandfather to the famous King Tut, Amenhotep III was one of Kemet's (Egypt’s) greatest Neswet's "nswt-bjtj" (Pharaohs) and the most successful of the 18th Dynasty.

The facial features of this head of Amenhotep III show his highly arched brows, elongated almond-shaped eyes, and full, sharply outlined lips. The Blue Crown (called the khepresh) was apparently the king's preferred royal headdress and is worn by him in many of his statues and reliefs.


Title: Amenhotep III in the Blue Crown

Period: New Kingdom

Dynasty: Dynasty 18

Reign: reign of Amenhotep III

Date: ca. 1390–1352 B.C.

Geography: Possibly from Memphite Region; From Egypt

Medium: Quartzite

Dimensions: h. 35 cm (13 3/4 in); face only: h. 12.8 cm (5 1/16 in); w. 12.6 cm (4 15/16 in)

Credit Line: Rogers Fund, 1956

Accession Number: 56.138

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